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Feya Health Psychotherapy Sessions

We offer an integrative psychotherapeutic approach which utilizes empirically proven cutting edge modalities for addressing complex mental health imbalances. Our sessions are highly effective and more short term unlike traditional talk therapy.

“I have been through dozens of therapies and countless healing modalities and medications, since I began my mental health journey 13 years ago. Dr. Miller is a psychotherapy genius. Her works truly heals you to the core. She has a way of pulling back each layer of the subconscious, one by one, and in a way that isn’t too jarring for the psyche. You will get to the root of your emotional and mental pain - the imprint that you are carrying and hiding in the shadows of your psyche. The healing journey with Dr. Miller is a beautiful process that is worth living for itself.”

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— LY, Age 27

The Feya Health Psychotherapy Protocol

We designed a protocol to get to the core of destructive patterns, presenting symptoms, and mental health imbalances with short term sustainable shifts.

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Feya Health Psychotherapy Sessions

Our sessions also serve the purpose of preparing clients for the Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy process.

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