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Meet the Feya Health Team

Feya Health is a woman founded group of clinical psychotherapists and pioneers in both progressive psychotherapy & psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

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The Feya Health Approach

We do not accept the status quo in traditional mental health care systems, therapies or perceptions.

The Feya Health team of Psychotherapists are trained in various approaches that speed up the healing & integration process in clients compared to traditional psychotherapy approaches. The Feya Health group practice addresses self-destructive patterns by helping clients get to the core of their issues. We help clients empower themselves in a way where they rely on their own internal guidance system that gives the space for their true self to emerge. The therapeutic process at Feya Health also presupposes a Humanistic, Existential & Transpersonal stance in which there is a fundamental drive in people towards maturity, freedom, wholeness and expressing the self creatively. The goal of this approach to therapy is ‘synthesising’ and integrating the various parts of the self into a unified whole around a central core. Our therapeutic approach with clients is helping them reconnect with their internal reference point that has the ability to actualize, integrate, heal and transcend the full spectrum of their human conditioning. The result is a reduction in and transformation of the initial presented symptoms and conditions that originally felt debilitating, dysfunctional and imprisoning.

We’re deeply passionate about connecting our clients to long-term and sustainable growth, facilitating healing at the most fundamental level, and being the conduit for helping clients access the full gamut of their human experience.

Feya Health exists to transform mental health care and that starts with transforming the experience of those who are suffering. 


The Feya Health Team

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The next paradigm of mental health

We’re different because you deserve better

We are aware of the complexity of the psyche and the multi-dimensional facets of human nature. We honor traditional psychotherapy, but also embrace the new paradigm of mental health. Feya Health offers a highly customizable therapeutic protocol for our clients that treats more complex psychic imbalances and offers a process that creates space for psychic optimization.

Implementing our proven comprehensive treatment protocol, clients experience remarkable results to heal complex traumatic imprints, catalyze creative breakthroughs, explore states of consciousness and access an intrinsic sense of self worth.

Never apologize for your presence and shift into whole human integration and healing.

Our Client Benefits

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A strong sense of self worth

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A deepened connection with oneself & others

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Personal growth

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A healthy shift in states of consciousness

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Sustainable healing & integration

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