Video Shares & Written Reviews from our Feya Health Clients

A client video share of her successful Psychotropic withdrawal process @ Feya Health with Psychedelic Therapy after being in Therapy for 30 years with no hope

A Non-Binary Polyamorous gamer client healed from severe anxiety after going through the Feya Health Therapy protocol & with Ketamine Therapy

An Arabic woman heals her severe complex trauma symptoms related to the Beirut war & childhood sexual abuse with Ketamine Therapy at Feya Health

A client completely heals her severe OCD at Feya Health after 4 months

A tech entrepreneur shares his experience with Dr. Michelle at Feya Health

Our millennial client shares in her ketamine assisted psychotherapy experience at Feya Health

An actual KAP session with our client at Feya Health with the Head Psychiatrist & Chief Psychotherapist

Our client shares in his experience of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, EMDR, Breathwork & EFT at Feya Health

Our client shares in her experience of Ketamine & Oxytocin Assisted Psychotherapy at Feya Health

Written Client Reviews from Social Media

"I have been in and out of therapy my whole life and I needed a new perspective. I was researching ketamine therapy and read about Feya Health's work online. After speaking with them on the phone I decided that the 3 hour ride to NYC would be worth it. I am so happy I made that decision! This process allowed me to integrate parts of myself that I’ve tried to keep away unsuccessfully. My tumultuous childhood has affected me more than I realized and with Feya Heath's help I am learning to love and accept all of me. It has been a very difficult yet amazing journey and I can’t thank them enough! I would highly recommend and trust Feya Health with anyone I know!”

— Dawn, Age 54

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“Feya Health had already helped me so much with my PTSD and depression, and are now also one of very few Licensed psychotherapists worldwide to offer Ketamine assisted psychotherapy in partnership with the psychiatrist Dr. Kara Gulewicz, who is also an excellent, caring clinician. I am now undergoing Ketamine sessions with them and I am having incredible breakthroughs (uncovering traumatic memories and reconstituting my sense of identity). I am incredibly grateful to be under Feya Health's expert care.”

— Jane, Age 56

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“Feya Health has literally saved my life. I was in a dark place that I just couldn’t find my way out of before I started my sessions with them. They are very knowledgeable, empathetic, and non judgmental. I feel exceptionally comfortable talking to her about my most private moments. I am definitely looking forward to our future sessions together!”

— Kellay, Age 29

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“I have been through dozens of therapies and countless healing modalities and medications, since I began my mental health journey 13 years ago. Dr. Miller is a psychotherapy genius. Her works truly heals you to the core. She has a way of pulling back each layer of the subconscious, one by one, and in a way that isn’t too jarring for the psyche. You will get to the root of your emotional and mental pain - the imprint that you are carrying and hiding in the shadows of your psyche. The healing journey with Dr. Miller is a beautiful process that is worth living for itself.”

— LY, Age 27

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“Dr. Miller is a deeply skilled, high integrity therapist. She leads clients through their most vulnerable and tender moments with grace, care and courage. Her capacity to hold space for positive transformation is unmatched and she is a pioneer in the field of psychedelic therapy. It’s truly an honor to know and collaborate with her inspiring soul.”

— Anthony, Age 40

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